Trunk or Treat


4:00 - 5:30 pm

It is a fun way to serve families in our community right here on our property.  It involves people decorating their car and popping open their trunk (or hatch), providing a simple, quick activity and giving out candy to children as they come by and "trunk-or treat".  We are not trying to scare any kids so please no gore, blood, witches, or creepy stuff.

Trunk or Treat provides a safe place for families to take their kids to have fun.  We get to connect with and serve CDC families (who all will be invited) as well as other families from our community and creatively invite them to join us on Sunday’s.

We need “trunk loads” of help to make this event successful. We are asking that our children and youth serve our community during the event in addition to our adult volunteers.  We will provide a treat bag for our kids, but we want them serving not participating.  Let’s help them see the value of serving.

You will be expected to decorate your cars/trucks/mini vans/trailers and be ready to pass out candy.  You provide your own candy.  Bring plenty or you may get tricked!!

Each car is to have a small activity.  You can come up with your own and it can go with the “theme” of your car.  If you would like provide cotton candy or popcorn, or bounce house for your activity, the church can provide the supplies/equipment for these items.  Sign up today so we can get you more information.